Rope Access


ROPE ACCESS Company in Kwazulu Natal

asap87 is a professional Rope Access Company in KwaZulu Natal Specialize in window cleaning, exterior building maintenance, waterproofing and painting contractor, metal sheeting, asbestos work, confined space, high pressure cleaning, spalling Concrete Repair, skimming, plastering and silicone work. For most of our commercial and residential clients, we became one-stop-shop for exterior building maintenance needs. Specifically, our services include window washing, exterior and high interior building cleaning, painting, waterproofing, rain leaks detection and other exterior maintenance work.

Our mission is to bring quality of life to people by keeping their buildings clean and healthy.

Unlike other building maintenance contractors, asap87 uniqueness lays in versatile access expertise that allows us to service high areas of building’s exterior and interior. In fact, our technicians are highly skilled, trained and certified in use of rope access, suspended platforms, lifts (compact, boom, scissor), fall-protection systems, ladders, rolling towers and extension devices. Our special access expertise enables us to complete work at height and hard-to-reach areas safely and efficiently.